Poly not a Ploy


This is a picture of myself and my two partners at their wedding. It was an amazing blissful day with much laughs. I even managed to stay of my creatures and managed on a cane before we got back to the place for food after. Which included Park photographs!!!

Unfortunately it wasn’t a wedding for the three of us but it was a lovely day. With much sniggering when the registra went on about the two people in the relationship whilst I was stood next to them as maid of honour. A marriage is between two people, both the bride, goom, Best man and myself where biting is tongues. Trying not to laugh. I was one of the witnesses so technically I am on that wedding document somewhere!!


Were having a handfasting next year for the three of us and are planning a family and everything after.

This brings me to a point that comes up in the media often and items me almost as much.

Everytime I see someone railing against gay marriage they like to use the slippery slope argument. “If you let two men marry then multiple people might want to get married….!!” What’s so bad about that?usually it is then compared to, and followed up with people making their dogs or trees. Now I love dogs and trees, however laughing and making a mockery of my relationship paradigm is bang out of order. Whilst the surge for acceptance for marriage equality had been pushed through, poly relationships have become a trump card, a joke, a ploy to need up a debate by a moron who thinks marriage is one woman 1 one man.


I am 100% for marriage equality. Obviously. Im just a bit tired of the wishes of many polyamerous couples, throuple and more being pushed aside to make marriage equality. Which considering its 2015 and I can’t marry the loves of my life to me means marriage equality isn’t even there.

The equality even goes as far as Facebook. Not only can we not get married, but we can’t even set or relationship as together on Facebook. They removed the option as I’ve been told it was their in the past.

It seems silly to some, but to me its being told I cannot do things because of my relationship and sexually orientation. I just don’t think that is right.


If it was legal my partners and I could get happily married,  legally. It makes me sad when my relationship style is used as a ploy to stop others from getting married. It also makes me sad that although we will have our handfasting, we’re the 3 of us will be wed. This will not be recognised by many people. I know the adage of you shouldn’t care what people think, but at the same time I’m in the opinion that marriage equality should literally mean that. Marriage equality. As far as I am concerned we are not there yet. We have come a long way, in many places now mem can marry men, and women can marry women. But me, I can’t may a man and a woman. This means that the drive for marriage equality is not over even though a lot of people think it is. Which considering poly was the ploy throughout the same sex marriage evil go, I think we should get a little more consideration.


Just because a relationship doesn’t look like the one you see everywhere doesn’t mean it isn’t valid, and shouldn’t be used to insult other relationships. I love both of my partners more than anything.


Our little Triumvirate or Throuple had brightened my life exponentially. Despite my disabilities that leave me in pain daily and on some days trapped in bed, I’ve not found one, but two people who love me and want to spend their lives with me.


Love comes in many shapes and sizes. For us it comes in a puppy pile shape of the three of us snuggled up under the blanket watching TV shows.

I’m so happy with what I’ve got it feels like it just bubbles out of me now and then and I want to should it to the world. But this I geuss is the best I can do.

I hope this hasn’t been a to terrible a read, I hope, maybe,  if your haven’t thought about polyamory before that you may take some time after reading  this post to look out up and work out what if any misconception you have about  it.

Thankyou for reading. It means a lot to me. Which was why I added many  pictures of a gorgeous man and lay in just so lucky to share my life with.


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