Tired & Pain

I’ve not done a post in a while. I’d be a bit mad at my self but I had such a horrid encounter with a doctor that for the last few days I’ve just been in a state of being unable to really do anything.

I’ve been trying to colour which is my go to when I’m in pain but still want to do something. For the sake of making this more interesting you can have some pictures of peice I just coloured in 🙂


I love these new pens.  Im sadly looking at them from the sofa and my colouring books just wishing I could get up and finish one of these. These are the first time I tried blending and I’m actually enjoying it. But here I lie, watching the pens unable to get up to even look at them.





I managed to eat hot real food to say that was a bonus.  Been a few days since I managed that.

Here’s the post that caused the latest bout.




There isn’t much to add after that.  I’m honestly surprised I’ve  managed to use this much effort to write this much.


Love, hugs and spoons for everyone.

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