The life of a Diversity Candidate

I seem to have a habit of writing incredibly long replies to articles. I’ve always done it but now I have this page I feel like I can collect my very large essays or rants. I put a lot of effort into things that likely get a respond of “Huh you feminazi lezbo” which I have had before? Now I can post them here. I like my super long  posts that I doubt people in the articles read fully. My latest super king essay was a response to a sarcastic BuzzFeed article.

Yes, I wrote a ridiculously long post in reply to a sarcastic BuzzFeed post. I realise I probably put more time writing my reply than it took to collect the images! But I still enjoy writing. I forget sometimes hope much I enjoy it. I just wish I had made it to a point I was healthy enough to keep to a schedule! Also that my dyslexia, dyspraxia and autocorrect demons didn’t plague me so!! Well enough faff, on to the post.

17 Pictures That Prove British TV Is Diverse As Fuck 

Yes we need more diversity.

But do not force it.

Do you know what it feels like to be the diversity candidate?! Its horrid. Before my illnesses got worse, I was a disabled person without the annoying parts of having do anything to make the office more accessible. Chronic migraines work for that disability tick.

Now I got the job on my own merit, the disabled stiff didn’t start till wrote a while after. I started to realised that with me the office was more accessible because, look! We have a cripple!

After that I was constantly wondering, am I being given extra responsibilities because I’m good at my job or is it because I’m disabled without the big deal of doing much? I know I was good at my job, I was better than done colleagues, my stats proved it. But because I was the disabled person I constantly wondered is it because I’m good. Or is it because I’m disabled?!

What needs to happens for real diversity is going to the school level. Making sure that teachers stop telling girls “science is for boys” and crap like that. Go back to schools that aren’t predominantly white and make sure they are as well funded for jobs that have crap diversity levels.

Trying to shoehorn people in is crap for the people being shoehorned and for the people who worked their arses off to get there. It just fosters distrust that “all I need to get x and y is be a woman or coloured” from people which makes them get attacked for being racist or sexist. Now on some occasions, these people are sexist and racist!! However some off then just feel they worked there arses of for something that got handed to someone else. Now being a disabled woman I usually think people like that are being pathetic as they have a world of opportunities that many can’t dream off. However I can understand the feeling of someone getting a job because of their gender or something I can’t control.

Also, just a side note. I know is really easy to lump all white people in as some giant glob but in one of those pictures where lack of diversity was stated there was a Welsh born, Welsh speaking individual who has not trained his accent away. In one of the pictures. That shows a diversity that is ignored because people live to ignore the Welsh abd lump us in with England. Because in grin the UK is easy to say, oh your ancestors took over the world and caused untold misery! Actually that is incorrect. My ancestors were crushed, forced down, had their religion stripped from them and even now, Wales is not on the same level as England.

I am forced to live in England when I would much rather return to my homeland but I cannot because the medical care in Wales is not to the same standard I can get in England. Yes there are a bunch of white people in Wales, but trust me. Move to England as a kid with a Welsh accent and suddenly the kids in the school, no matter their race or religion. Manage to unite over something and love to remind me how laws in England made it legal to kill scum like me till quite recently.

Diversity and equality are more than forcing a 50/50. Because of you force a 50/50 being a diversity candidate, you constantly wonder if your colour, gender or disability got you the position and if it had anything to do with your skill.

If you really care about diversity, actualy cage about it. Don’t moan like this, go to the school level and affect change. Understand that forcing it will leave everyone feeling bad. Whether it’s disgruntled that someone got the same job as you, not from work but from something you can’t control or because you wonder if you are little more than a diversity candidate. I know for some it might seem like revenge to make white males feel as if there hard work is equal to something they cannot control like gender. It might be tempting but do we really want to stoop to that level? All we are doing then I’d the same crap that for men jobs over women because they are men. Flipping it doesn’t make it any less wrong.

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