Moving house… Pain 

So we’re coming up on a month since the move. 

The new house, whilst has some problems (STAIRS) But I can adapt to that. The best part is, the flat I spent the last year is, had a constant humidity of 85% to 90%. It had 1 window that I couldn’t even open (it was above the bins for multiple houses with loads of files).

This place, is amazing, it has windows and air. I can breathe without my lungs feelings like lead. 

I’ve only been out of the house to the doctors once which was exhausting. I’ve had 1 little walk around the garden, seen the aviary. I’m hoping it warms up soon. My joints are not happy. Got some kind of viral infection. Hope it isn’t the flu. I’ve had a migraine since before the move… 

The muggy mould house was dulling me somewhat… Since I’ve come here I’m clearer but at the same time I think it’s making my pain harder to ignore.

I’m clearer but it means the pain is clearer too. I’m just so tired. 

Plus I have the tribunal for my pip at some point. Getting a zero for my mobility is really doing my head in… My doctors tell me is laughable and I know that it is but they keep telling me I got a zero for mobility and I wonder how? What about me makes them think that? 

Occasional semi paralysis. 


Servere joint pain 

I can’t stand for more than a few minutes 

Use a wheelchair outside 

That I can’t push because of nerve pain. 

I can’t even sit for long… My sacrum utterly locks up and it hurts like hell if I sit in the wheelchair for long so even with the chair… My mobility sucks. 

I’m just curled up on the sofa, wrapped in blankets trying my hardest not to cry.

For at least a feel good pick up, here’s Loki delighting in his new garden. You can even see our fancy shed and Aviary. Nessa included in video 🙂 

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